Erin Davidson established Bliss Massage Therapy in 2010. She is grateful for the continued support of her clients to help expand the practice.

Our staff at Bliss Massage Therapy focuses on providing you the best customer-care-driven services and we strive towards intimate grassroots care for all our clients. Bliss Massage Therapy and its staff encourage repeat business in order to give the highest quality service and care to their clientele. Please inquire about rebooking specials.

Erin Davidson, LMT

As a 2007 graduate of The Myotherapy Institute, Erin has completed 1000+ hours in a curriculum with Swedish Massage, Deep-Tissue Massage, Soothing-Stone Massage, Seated-Chair Massage, Aromatherapy and a variety of spa treatments. In the last seven years, she has continued her bodywork education in several techniques, including Oncology Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Massage Cupping, and Gua Sha.

Her experience comes from working with a variety of body types from those who have common workplace injuries, chronic pain patients, and with people who wish to relax. Her unique sessions focus on the needs of the client and harness inner healing balance.

My core belief in bodywork is to promote complete relaxation for each client. Our bodies have amazing self-healing systems, which benefit from relaxing, nurturing, and self-focused practices such as massage and bodywork. With relaxation, the body will regenerate, renew, and re-energize.

Gabriel Tufts

Gabriel is a 2013 graduate of the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. He has completed 1000+ hours in curriculum, specializing in Thai Massage, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology. During his studies, he also studied hydrotherapy, which indoctrinates a variety of spa treatments such as the usage of essential oils, hot/cold stones, facial massage, as well as many homeopathic remedies.

After completing his education, Gabriel gained experience as an independent contractor for a year and a half. He then joined his practice with a local chiropractor. There he gained experience as a chiropractic assistant, focusing on rehabilitation treatment. He also continued education in wellness, and taught classes weekly at the chiropractic office. Adding this to his repertoire, Gabriel not only can offer a therapeutic massage, but can also educate his clients in proper stretches, and other rehab therapy to go over and beyond, ensuring that the needs of his clients are met.

He notes, “My core belief is that everyone deserves to feel as great as they possibly can. No matter what job you have, there is a sacrifice your body encounters just to help you make it through the day. Things like daily migraines, lower back ache, and sore feet don’t just come ‘out of the blue’ as some may think. Proper treatment will ensure that you not only feel relaxed and at peace during the massage, but I will educate you on simple methods that you can try for yourself so that your relaxation carries on throughout your weeks to come!”