Corporate Wellness

Everyone experiences stress at one time or another. With the advent of technology and the complexity of today’s world, stress seems hard to escape. The key to avoiding the negative effects of stress is related to how we handle stressful events.

Chair massage is the perfect vehicle with which to combat stress and promote overall wellness in our fast-paced environment. In less time than it takes for a coffee break, your employee will be transformed into a rejuvenated and revitalized worker! Because chair massage is relatively short, it can fit into anyone’s schedule. On-site chair massage can be set up virtually anywhere—a meeting room or quiet corner. All that is needed is a secluded space to set up the portable chair! There is no need for the employees to remove any of their clothes and there are no messy oils! Getting started is simple and affordable. There is a low cost per employee or hourly rate. There is absolutely no up-front investment in equipment or facilities. If an employee wellness budget has not been set up, employee-paid arrangements can be made. Typically, my visit runs at least three hours in length; however, I can accommodate most requests.

Contact us to discuss pricing and to set up an appointment! We can discuss how you can meet the needs of your company with the services I offer.

Happy employees are productive employees!